So you just had your beautiful tile floors installed by a professional tile contractor and you are wondering how you can keep them looking as beautiful as the day you first got them. Tile flooring must be properly maintained in order to ensure its longevity. Many people tend to pay little attention to their flooring until something major mars its appearance such as an unsightly scratch or crack. However, you can enjoy your tile installation for almost 15 years if you learn how to properly care for your floors.

Protecting tile floors is very important, and it can be done in a variety of ways. Using area rugs and runners is an excellent way to protect and maintain tile flooring. For high traffic areas, it is best to use an area rug in order to keep that part of the tile floor clean. High traffic areas can result in smudges and dark spots on the tiles that can be very difficult to remove. For bathroom tile, it is best to place bath mats on the floor to pick up moisture. While there are some tiles that are best for absorbing moisture, it is still best to protect the floor from excess moisture to prevent bacteria growth.

In addition to protecting the floor with rugs and runners, using non-abrasive cleaners is also recommended. While tile flooring is very durable, cleaners that contain harsh chemicals can erode the tile over time. In general it is best to avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach. Also, the use of steel wool is not recommended as it will scratch the tile surface significantly. To clean tile flooring it best to sweep and dry mop the floor on a regular basis to remove built up dirt. Likewise, to ensure the longevity of the floors a sealant is recommended.